Clients reach their highest goals, not by strategies that punish, but through strategies that nourish.

Trying to lose weight without long-term success?

If you’re like most, you’ve tried every diet out there. But the frustrating fact remains, the vast majority of people who lose weight gain it all back, and more, within 1 to 2 years. Motivation is important to start a change, but it rarely continues for very long.

That’s why it’s time for an entirely new inspirational approach to authentic, long-lasting weight loss and health. The HealthShrink program emphasizes the inner root causes of weight issues, as an antidote to the superficial Band-Aids of fad dieting.

I have just the solution you’ve been looking for:

The HealthShrink is a groundbreaking, innovative eating psychology counseling program combining many of the best weight-loss strategies, from nutrition science to dynamic eating psychology. It’s a positive, empowering, transformational perspective designed for anyone who eats. It affirms that our relationship with food has important lessons to teach us if we choose to listen to them.

For far too long, we’ve been inundated by negative messages about food, weight and diet. We’ve been told we’re “willpower weaklings” or we need “more control.” Nutrition experts across the map have differing views and offer conflicting advice on weight loss. Thus, people are often confused about what to eat, how to have a nourishing relationship with food, and how to maintain a healthy metabolism.

With The HealthShrink you can count on practical, long-lasting, results-oriented strategies for our most commonly seen eating struggles and health issues. I don’t see your eating challenges as merely a sign that “something is wrong with you,” but as a place to begin to explore some of the personal dimensions in life that affect your food intake, weight and health. By eliminating all of those “shoulds and shouldn’ts,” I focus on what’s right for your body and your personal style for weight loss and health.

Furthermore, I maintain that everyone has a unique, fascinating, ever-changing relationship with food. I see your challenges with eating, weight and health as a meaningful opportunity for you to grow and evolve. Here are some of The HealthShrink program’s unique benefits:

I work with your relationship with food and how it may lead to:

  • Weight Concerns

  • Binge Eating

  • Overeating

  • Body Image Challenges

I consider your personal food preferences when suggesting:

  • Protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat meal balance

  • Food Options

  • Meal Plan Ideas

  • Food Quality: organic, wild or pasture-raised

I recognize that your challenges with eating, weight and health are intimately connected to your other primary life dimensions:

  • Relationships

  • Family

  • Work

  • Sexuality

  • Search for meaning and fulfillment

I understand the connections between your brain and your “gut-brain” and the various nutrition-related health concerns that can result:

  • Sleep

  • Burn Out

  • Digestion

  • Mood

  • Immunity

I reveal how your digestion and calorie-burning is profoundly influenced by:

  • Stress physiology

  • The relaxation response

  • Breathing

  • Awareness

  • Pleasure

  • Meal Timing

Also, as part of The HealthShrink’s premium service option, your body composition balance is measured utilizing the In-Body Analyzer for ultimate precision.

You are invited to find out more about The HealthShrink program. My professional eating psychology coaching services are available by appointment in-person at my New York City office, by phone, and on-line via Skype.

If you’d like to know about my background, who I am, and how I can help you, please go to Susan’s Story. Also feel free to ask me any questions here. You can always count on a quick response.

“I have done it all from Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig to Dr. Atkins, etc. None had sustainable effects. And then I met Susan D’Addario.” — Jeanne N.