To Scale or Not to Scale!

Food is good. Food is healing. We absolutely need to eat to stay alive! So then what is actually harmful to our psyche and threatens to damage our relationship with the gift of food, eating and having a healthy appetite? Scale addiction!

There are many of us, myself included, who have been led around by the scale and that dreaded or revered number that pops up. Whether, "I lost 2 lbs. Great! I'm psyched!" Or, "Oh no, I've put on weight! I'm so upset! I'm not going to eat today." We let the scale and that number tell us how we're going to feel and subsequently behave. And, some of us can get so obsessed with the scale that were on it daily or multiple times a day. 

Here's a message for the holidays and beyond. Stay off the scale! At least every day. Throw it away even. Seriously. What actual value is there in having a number flash in front of our face indicating that our weight has gone up or down but says nothing about why the number has changed? "More fat? Definitely." "Water weight? Could be." "Increased muscle tone? Hmmm. Never thought of that."

We really can get much better information about our body when we focus on ourselves and how we feel inside. Strong, heavy, light, energetic, tired, bloated, comfortable - our bodies give us a lot of information if we listen. Also, we can easily know what's going on with regard to our body shape by paying attention to how we feel in our clothes. "Shirt button is getting tighter. Okay, I can cut back on the holiday desserts." "Wow, I'm in my skinny jeans. It's been awhile!"  Your body tells the real deal.

In short, no scale should have the power to:

  • Dictate how loveable we are
  • Tell us what kind of mood we're going to be in
  • Get in the way of our relationship with food
  • Decipher our worthiness
  • Interfere in our deep relationship with ourself
  • Bring us down
  • Set the stage for the kind of day and attitude we're going to have
  • Shame, infuriate, guilt, humiliate or frustrate us
  • Convince us that we're a failure or weakling
  • Give us a false sense of inferiority or superiority
  • Allow us to judge ourselves or others hurtfully
  • Be the backbone for our self-esteem or lack thereof
  • Replace unconditional love

In my mind, the only type of scale that would have any real value is one that could accurately measure our:

  • Heart
  • Soul
  • Genuineness
  • Kindness
  • Integrity
  • Humanity
  • Wisdom
  • Love

Now, that would be a scale worth using! 


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