New Weigh, New Year's Resolution!


It's holiday season. What most of us can realistically expect is that we're going to eat more than usual. It's just part of how we celebrate. And, we're going to gain weight. No shock.

Of course, many will make the all too familiar, "I'm going to diet" or "I'm going to join a gym", resolutions to start off the new year. Great intentions! My input though: if we really want to lose weight once and for all, let's stop doing the same old, same old and let's start doing something radically new. Now, that's a resolution that peaks my interest!

Honestly, I'm guessing most of us have done the low-calorie, tasteless, starvation diet thing and/or excessive exercise routine more than once. Sure, we can lose weight, but for how long? And at what cost? (97% of us who lose weight will gain it all back and more within 2 years.)

I propose that instead of looking exclusively outside of ourselves for weight loss answers, let's first look inside by asking and addressing the following questions. (Please take your time with these and answer as fully and with as much detail as you can.)

1) How do I feel in general? (Happy, optimistic, calm, proud, appreciated, satisfied, and/or frustrated, down, fearful, anxious, angry, lonely, etc.) 

2) How do I feel about my life thus far? (What am I happy about and what am I not okay with up until this point?) 

3) How would things look/be if I could have/live my life exactly as I'd like? 

Now, on a scale of 1 - 5, (where 1 = not happy at all and 5 = couldn't be better), how do I rate the following areas in my life:

🔸Family - (The one I grew up with):


🔸Relationship - (Boyfriend/Girlfriend or Spouse. If you're single, rate that):

🔸Children - (If you don't have children, rate how you feel about that):










🔸Community/Group connections:


🔸Other Challenges/Satisfactions:

Okay, your turn. You ask, "What about how I feel about my weight and body size? Shouldn't I rate that too? And, shouldn't we be talking about what to eat, dieting, exercising, and all those kinds of things?? In fact, what in the world do any of the life areas above have to do with my losing weight???"

Of course it's important to look at how we feel about our eating, weight and body size. No disagreement whatsoever. BUT, all too frequently the way we try to lose weight is to simply starve ourselves and/or to excessively work-out. We NEVER stop to address how we FEEL INSIDE about our lives. And becoming aware of and working through undigested issues/situations matters tremendously if we want our weight loss to stay off. 

I know the fitness and weight loss industries have us trained to look outside ourselves for the ultimate getting-in-shape solutions. I also know Hollywood, models, social media and the whole glamour world have us feeling as though we're less than and that we don't quite measure up.

Well, it's time for a truth announcement. There can never be a personal victory when chasing the illusion of perfection. This, (perfectionism), is an overly worn-out path that ultimately tires us out, defeats and leads us astray from our own wonderful uniqueness and genuineness.

That's us, you and me and who we really are that I'm referring to. We're not Hollywood. In actuality, it's much healthier, honest and mature for us to search INSIDE for our soul meaning, health and authentic beautiful body. (And the definition of beautiful body is extremely subjective and definitely in the eye of the beholder. Femaie beauty does not by default refer to being skinny nor in the masculine sense is body beauty all about the buff-factor.) 

So, sorry for this longer than usual post. I just felt like nipping at the bud any and all of our intentions to lose weight for the upcoming new year in the same old, tired way. And, just to confirm, a lot of times when we feel hungry, it's not because we need to eat. That kind of hunger frequently has a lot more to do with feeling empty on the inside. So, we mistakenly fill up on food, (usually junk food, high in carbs), which brings temporary relief only.

Unfortunately, the eating solution to fill up and not feel, causes us to gain weight which further adds to our stress. But if we simply drop calories and exercise more without addressing our inner hurts and what's causing us to want/crave food, we will not keep up the diet nor work-out schedule. No way. No how. At least not 97% of us. 

Want to lose weight? Go ahead. First though, look at all of you and support those areas in your life that need to be supported. Allow yourself to really assess how you're doing and then make moves/take risks that can bring about meaningful and necessary change(s).

Focusing our efforts here, first, will eventually move us out of the stress response. Reducing stress will automatically lower insulin and cortisol hormones which goes hand-in-hand with weight loss. Moreover, implementing strategies other than eating to handle current difficult life situations will satiate much of our hunger.

By putting the above long-term plan into action, we set the stage for lifetime changes/shifts that come from the inside and have everything to do with us. More health, happiness and authentic body size await.

Now that we have the essentials down, I'm all ears to discuss eating, addictive type foods, food balance and quality and the best times of day to eat for optimal nutrition, wellness and weight! In the meantime, congratulations to all those considering giving themselves a chance to shine and to relax, rewire, reshape!

If you'd like more information about the above and/or how I work, let me know. Happy New Year!


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