Truth, Justice, and the American Way

It's the day following the U.S.A. Supreme Court's historic decision that gay marriages must be recognized throughout the nation. The earth has not gone off its global tilt and life appears to be going along its merry way. I'm a supporter of this ruling for more than 1 reason. On a personal note, having gotten married in New York City 2 1/2 years ago to my partner of 20 years, it was a joyous and very exciting time! My wife and I hosted a wedding party that was full of so much love and fun while surrounded by our closest family and friends. Psyched that we were able to do this in our home state of New York, still it was troubling that many in our great country didn't have those same rights or opportunities. Also, it was a dumbfounding thought and experience that, despite legalizing our special union into marriage, despite all of our love for one another and our 2 decades together, when we traveled to any of the hold out states refusing to recognize gay marriage, my spouse and I would suddenly and abruptly no longer be married. Hugh? (Did this mean we'd have to return all of our wedding gifts?) 

This ruling means a lot of things to many different people. There were many cheers throughout the day and into the evening yesterday in the gay community, along with their straight allies. There were also grave concerns expressed by others that the U.S.A. is facing the beginning of its end. To me, it's always a great moment when a segment of people or even 1 person is helped to live more closely to the values of freedom, equality, happiness, and truth. These are life qualities Americans battle for outside of their nation on behalf of others. I suggest the values are also worth supporting and fighting for on behalf of everyone within the nation. Doing so will, contrary to those who speak from fear, help bring the U.S.A. to a better place and even greater heights. 

I support inner well-being and state of mind for all. It is with self-peace, love, and trust that we can ultimately live a truly healthy life through and through.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. Please feel free to comment.  

Best, Susan, The HealthShrink