Independent Nation - Independent Self

Happy Independence day to the USA! Wishing everyone who celebrates, a wonderful holiday full of pleasure and good times. However you spend your time, if you're enjoying yourself and in a relaxed mode, you're on the path to healing and weight reshaping.  Beyond enjoying the day, let’s also take a moment to reflect upon the significance of the celebration.

On this day in 1776, some very brave people took a stand and a risk for what they believed in and signed the Declaration of Independence! That action changed the course of the nation! The United States was born and not only survived but thrived to become a world leader amongst nations. The many battles fought were for independence, autonomy and freedom. What a great feat!

Likewise, the quest for independence in our personal lives is also worth the effort. The goal of having our authentic, real selves in any and all relationships and situations involving people, places, and things should be mindfully supported by us with the same courage and valor used by our forefathers and mothers. Being true to ourselves and body reshaping go hand-in-hand.

Happy  Independence Day to us all!