April = Stress Awareness Month

I very frequently speak about the importance and need of getting into the relaxation response (vs. being in the stress mode) as a way to gain overall health and authentic body size. Simply put, when we’re stressed, our body releases insulin, a fat storage hormone, and cortisol, a stress hormone. Together the 2 set the stage for increased body fat and decreased lean tissue.

Now there’s nothing particularly evil about cortisol whatsoever. In fact, without it, we’d have difficulties surviving. It makes us move fast in every sense of the word when there is actual or perceived danger or threat. Certainly, in great part, after some 200,000 years our human species is alive and around to this day thanks to cortisol.

The problem of course arises when we don’t get out of the stress mode. If we’re chronically in the sympathetic nervous system response, (stressed), our body, mind, spirit, and overall good sense of being will become worn out and depleted. Fact: Sad, but true, too many of us are chronically stressed. And stress can be so on-going, that more often than not we don’t recognize how out of sorts we are. Or, if we do recognize we’re stressed out, we make light of it or accept that that’s just how things are or have to be.

Well I don’t accept that. The truth of the matter is, too much stress not only challenges our body and body-size, but it also can have a huge impact on our work and relationships. It’s just not an optimal way to live and I believe we all deserve better. That’s why, not too long ago, I took this really awesome training on building personal resilience with the Institute of HeartMath®. As a Licensed HeartMath® Certified Coach I can tell you that there are very effective science-based techniques that can help us to de-stress in the moment from challenging situations, both large or small. Seriously!

HeartMath® is a focused and practical program combining personalized coaching (that would be me) with tools to help you self-regulate your body’s response to stress and build resilience. What you can expect to gain using HeartMath®?

• More resilience and vitality

• Overall sense of well-being

• Mental clarity and focus

• Improved relationships

• Increased composure in challenging situations

• More effective communications

• Better sleep

• Less fatigue

• Reduced worry, overwhelm, and feelings of anxiousness

Sounds quite excellent, I know. If you’re interested in learning more about HeartMath® and how it can help you, check out the related video and article I’ve included below. If you have any questions or comments on this topic, please feel free to let me know.