Hello Again!

Welcome friends and happy March!

Many of you know my business and personal mission is to help people to heal and to feel better about themselves. Well, enough teasing about what’s so new and excellent happening with me. Let’s dive right in!

Next Steps

I’m very excited to let you know that I’m launching a brand new business service called Back-To-Sleep.

You know how some people struggle to get a good night’s sleep and they aren’t able to do their best at work or at home? Well, I help them to be able to finally sleep soundly again, so they feel rested and ready to take on the world.

After more than twenty years of working as a Psychotherapist and seven as a Mind-Body-Nutrition Coach, I’ve decided to hone in on what I consider essential for our overall health, happiness, ability to function, and longevity. I’m talking about good, old-fashioned sleep. I’m already working with people who either can’t fall asleep or wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep. I found I’ve had amazing results thus far!

March is Free Consultation Month

I greatly appreciate all of your support during the almost three-year span of From The HealthShrink, and I’d love to support you back! I’m offering a FREE 25-minute Breakthrough to a Great Night’s Sleep consultation either by phone or online with Skype or Zoom. This offer is good through the month of March! No charge, no strings attached...just a great conversation with someone who cares.

During our time together, I will help you get crystal clear about where you are in regards to your own sleep issues, where you want to be, and I’ll give you some powerful strategies to get closer to a great night’s sleep! At the end of the session, I’d love to take a few minutes to check in with you about whether continuing to work together would serve you. There’s no pressure to continue with me and I won’t even invite you to work with me unless I think I can really help you.

Why Sleep?

Trust me, I’ve had my own serious issues with not getting a good night’s sleep. For many years, I habitually felt exhausted in the afternoons. Working with my functional medicine doctor, I took supplements and ate as healthy as could be. I exercised and reduced my stress levels. Still, I suffered. In fact, there were times when I’d nod out without even realizing it, then wake up confused.

I hit my low point almost two years ago when I fell asleep behind the wheel. Minutes earlier, I had just gotten off the highway and was now looking for a parking space. On my street and close to the front door of my building, I suddenly went from a waking state to sound sleep. By the graces of the universe, there were no nearby cars and I awoke with a start. Words cannot express how frightened I felt!

That near collision literally woke me up and became the spring board of my much-needed turning point! I started to research extensively about anything and everything regarding sleep. I even enrolled in a Sleep Science Coaching certificate program! And, I began to integrate the changes I needed to be able to sleep soundly again for the first time in a long time.

Long story short, I actually feel really GREAT these days! It’s especially amazing because years ago, I would wake up feeling worn out every single day. People in my circle know I’ve studied and trained for years in personal development and now sleep. During this time, they’ve been drawn to me and asked for my support regarding their sleeping challenges. Enough people have approached me that I decided to dedicate my life to helping hundreds, if not thousands, of people to holistically overcome sleep deprivation. Thus, the creation of Back-To-Sleep!

Case Study

If you or anyone you know have struggled with sleep, you know how challenging it can be. I’ve actually worked with my personal trainer, Jack, who had terrible challenges sleeping. A young man of thirty-two, at times he slept okay, but other nights, he lay awake for hours and felt exhausted the following day.

Jack exercised several times a week and, with my guidance, thoroughly upgraded his nutrition. Still, his struggle with sleep continued and he grew desperate. Jack resorted to taking melatonin. I cautioned him that introducing melatonin or any hormone into the body tells the brain to stop producing that hormone, forever.

We started to look more deeply at Jack’s sleep habits. He needed some help, but with a few tweaks here and there and some new techniques to follow, Jack went from sleepless and wiped out to well-rested and pumped in a few short weeks! Jack thanked me and declared, “You’ve taught me everything I know about sleep! Thank you!” I can’t promise that everyone will get the exact same successful sleep results as Jack, but I have seen many of my clients do it.

Get Back-To-Sleep

While this is indeed very exciting news, the sad part is that I won’t be able to continue writing From The HealthShrink. I will miss our journal. The great news is that I plan to not skip a beat and come out with my new monthly e-newsletter Get Back-To-Sleep in April. I’m passionate about sharing all the sleep knowledge I’ve gained to support your sleep wellness and overall health! If you’d like to stay on my mailing list, you don’t need to do anything. And, if you know someone who currently struggles with their sleep and could benefit receiving Sleep Wellness Coaching, please spread the word!  Should you prefer not to receive great information on combatting sleep deprivation - (really?) - just let me know.

How Much is Getting a Great Night’s Sleep for the Rest of Your Life Worth?

I hope this discussion is meaningful to you, especially if you or your loved one struggle with sleep! Let me share a little about how I work, and then you can start to consider, if we were to work together, what you might see yourself getting? All sessions, (excluding Optional Saturday Touch Base Sessions), are 45 minutes long, are available by phone, video, and at select times in-person, and rates depend on your specific needs. Have a look.

Back-To-Sleep Sessions

• Back-To-Sleep Information Blast is $175 and is offered on a one-time basis. It provides essential information and techniques to gaining a better night’s sleep.

►If you prefer to receive both great sleep information as well as a personalized approach towards integrating those essential sleep-gaining techniques for a lifetime of great sleep, I strongly recommend my discounted packages below. (FYI: Studies indicate that making a long-lasting life change takes a minimum of one month of intention, focus, and action.)

• Back-To-Sleep 5-Session Silver Package is $700 - ($175 discount!) and occurs twice per week for two and a half weeks.

• Back-To-Sleep 10-Session Gold Package - the Program I recommend most highly - is $1,250 - ($500 discount!!) – and occurs twice per week for five weeks. Exclusive to this package are Optional Saturday Touch Base Sessions which last for 10-minutes and address your specific week-end sleep challenges.

►If you’re interested in one of the above packages, but can’t afford full payment upfront, I offer payment plans at a slight premium which we can discuss.

• Back-To-Sleep Tune-Up is $125 or $325 for a 3-Session Quick Package ($50 discount!) and is offered to people who have completed either the Silver or Gold packages above. Techniques will be reviewed and support will be provided to help you strategize to overcome your persistent sleep challenges.

In Closing

Sound good my friends? I sincerely hope so because I am extremely passionate about wanting to help as many people as possible to get a great night’s sleep and thrive!

In this final issue of From The HealthShrink, I felt it appropriate to re-share my article Sleeping Beauty: Natural and Innovative Techniques to Re-Gain a Great Night’s Sleep. Have a read if you haven’t already to start to undo your sleeping challenges.

I think you’ll also enjoy the attached video Get-Back-To-Sleep with Susan sent from my heart to yours!

As usual, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks to all and can’t wait to see you next month at Get Back-To-Sleep!

All the best in good health!


Susan D’Addario, LCSW
Founder, The HealthShrink
Certified Eating Psychology Coach
Licensed HeartMath Certified Coach