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Hello and it’s here!

We're very aware this site is packed full of lots of really great and valuable content. On the one hand, that's excellent since we want to include and explain any and all information that regards The HealthShrink program. On the other hand, we also want to make it easy for you to have an idea quickly and concisely about what Susan does, how she works, as well as what makes her program unique.

Consequently, for the sake of convenience and ease of use, we've designed a brochure which we're delighted to offer right here in .pdf format. Please feel free to look it over. You of course have the option of printing this pamphlet if you'd like to have it handy and/or to share it with your loved ones.  

In The HealthShrink brochure you’ll see:

  • How Susan Works & With Whom

  • Which life issues influence body size

  • Why our services are unique from others

  • What guides one to long-lasting health and weight results

Check it out! You’re just a fingertip away from ground-breaking perspectives that may nourish and enrich your relationship with eating, food, your body, and so much more.