Nourishing and healing our inner world is essential for inspirational, long-term body health and overall loving feeling.


What People Have to Say...

"Susan has completely changed the way I see eating and health, all in good ways!! If you’re looking for weight loss or realignment, muscle gain, fat loss or a turnaround to the way you see eating, Susan is perfect for you." - Jay T
"With Susan guiding me, I have shaved off over 30 lbs. Not only does Susan take the time to listen, she has educated me on how the pressures of my daily routine can negatively influence my food choices, which helps me make the right choices." - Rafael D
"I have done it all from Weight Watchers to Jenny Craig to Dr. Atkins, etc. None had sustainable effects. And then I met Susan D’Addario. With her gentle guidance, helpful and tasty alternatives to my unhealthy food choices, and her non-judgmental position, I began to lose weight and craft a healthy body. Susan has an incredible wealth of knowledge and helps me to modify old, destructive food habits through education, support and, most importantly for me, results. What made this weight loss unique is that the pounds I lost were largely pounds of fat, not water and not muscle." - Jeanne N
"I was close to 240 lbs. and unhappy with how I looked and felt. I had done a number of diets throughout the years, and none stuck. I realized I needed to make a significant life change, otherwise I would gain even more weight. I called Susan, started her program, and within a few months I lost 36 lbs. Her patience and guidance enabled me to reach my goals. I now sleep better, have more energy, feel better, and like the way I look." - Scott D
"Susan helped me to connect the dots, in some cases, about how my poor eating habits are linked to larger issues of which I can be more self-aware." - Mark B
"My work with Susan has been meaningful and empowering. Susan gives me the support I need as I work toward increasing energy and productivity and finding solutions to my physical pain. Her ‘whole life’ approach is what appeals to me most. Thank you, Susan, for pushing me to keep redefining what my best is – in the best of ways! If you want a supportive, compassionate health coach, I highly recommend you work with Susan." - Sammy C
"Every meeting is personal. And, I must say, since seeing Susan, I have lost fat and gained muscle. My body feels light and stronger." - Louise C
"I understand better how to handle cravings and also know that sometimes it’s okay to give in to a craving as long as I don’t give up. Susan provides options and solutions that help to get me back on track. She is a true coach, which is why her program works." - David C
"I have learned that eating well is not about dieting. Eating well is about nourishing my body inside and out and living well." - Jason A
"This was great! I didn’t know what to expect when meeting Susan. I’d like to continue. Where do we go from here?"- Manny C
"Susan is gentle, non-judgmental, stable, extremely informative, and a very supportive guide. I’ve lost 6 lbs. within the first month of being in her program! Not too shabby, I’d say. But weight loss wasn’t my only benefit of working with Susan. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and had pain. My joints are now less inflamed, my energy level has soared, and my moods are excellent. I look and feel great!" - Joanne S
"I’m feeling so motivated, and learned things I’ve never heard about before. Thank you, Susan!" - Han P
"Susan has empowered me with the knowledge and resources to make conscious, healthy, and life-enhancing improvements with diet, lifestyle, and daily movements. I love what I’m learning here and I’ve been telling everyone! Being in Susan’s program is changing my life." - Pauly I

Be in the Know...

As a Licensed Certified Social Worker, I've been working to help people with their personal issues for more than 20 years. As an Eating Psychology Coach, I understand the importance of having a healthy relationship with eating, food, and our body.

Susan Working With Client

I'm also aware in the diet and fitness industries that excess exercise and food deprivation are commonly used to get people to lose weight. While these strategies work in the short-run, their results rarely last. And when we re-gain the weight, shame and a sense of defeat can easily follow. While the finger always seems to be pointed at us, as though we're the problem, time has proven over and over again that the above techniques don't create lasting weight results for 97% of people. They never have and they never will.

You may feel sick, tired and let down. You probably believe you've tried everything out there to feel better and to lose weight. It's really time for something groundbreaking and brand new that addresses the big picture of who you are. Re-shaping your body for the long-term starts first with self-love, not hate and shame.

In The HealthShrink program, I provide inspirational coaching that's informed, supportive, and positive. I'll work with you to:

  • Eat for health and enjoyment

  • Explore the aspects of who you are as an eater

  • Identify food cravings and overeating patterns

  • Give time and attention to any and all areas in your life that cause distress

  • Move away from shame and towards understanding, self-acceptance, and trust

  • Become more embodied and engage in enjoyable body movement

Authentic change must always begin from the inside and work its way out. This is the way to your long-lasting success. Come join me and see.

My joints are now less inflamed, my energy level has soared, and my moods are excellent.  I look and feel great! - Joanne S.