Initial Discovery Meeting

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initial discovery meeting
90 minutes      

Your first meeting at The HealthShrink will include a comprehensive discussion of your current life and personal history regarding your weight, eating style, family, relationships, home life, work, social endeavors, spirituality, sexuality, medical health, life stressors, and more. You will have an optional opportunity to utilize the In-Body Analyzer for your baseline body composition balance reading. The session will ultimately identify your needs and how The HealthShrink may be of help.


Your health and time are valuable. That’s why The HealthShrink services are results-oriented and created to inspire you. If you’re tired of losing weight only to gain it back, it’s time to try a new, different path. Our inner change always precedes outer change for long-term weight loss and positive health outcome.


“Susan helped me to connect the dots, in some cases, about how my poor eating habits are linked to larger issues of which I can be more self-aware.”— Mark B.