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Potato Chip Frenzy: In Loving Recovery

  • The HealthShrink 140 West 71st Street #1C New York, NY, 10023 United States (map)

In last week's blog, "Tribal Connections: Soulful Medicine", I wrote about the wonders of belonging to 1 tribe or more. How with the right folks who support and love us, life becomes grander and a bit less difficult.  I shared about being away on vacation with one of my very important tribal connections, i.e., my extended family including 10 or so women cousins. I love them and am grateful for having them in my life. And, there are 2 things in particular we seem to do a lot of whenever we meet up. One is to play cards. The other is to eat a lot of junk food. I mean, a lot!

Now, to clarify, while away at the family resort where we all vacationed, it’s not for lack of food at meal times that we need to indulge in junk thereafter. We’re all served family style meals for breakfast, lunch, and evening dinner. Dessert is also included every afternoon and evening.  I ate my fair share at all the meals and, being gluten-free, I stuck to melon or some other kind of fruit to partake in for my post-meal sweetness.

Here comes the kicker. After dinner, all the resort's guests hang out in the “rec hall” for classic 1950's Catskill Mountain region style entertainment – the band, DJ, movie, bingo, horse racing, wiener roast, karaoke, and more. For my cousins and me, more often than not irrespective of the evening entertainment offered, we’d grab our usual long table, sit around it, and shuffle the cards. We never play high stakes by the way. That’s not the point. What seems to be far more important is to engage in an activity together we all know, enjoy, that allows us to chit chat, and provides us a way to mindlessly stuff ourselves. Literally.

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