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Taking Ourselves Out of Binge

  • The HealthShrink 140 West 71st Street #1C New York, NY, 10023 United States (map)

Eating fast and mindlessly is never a good idea but happens all too frequently. Since most of us live in a high-speed society with plenty of distractions, it’s no wonder we live, work and eat fast. They all go hand-in-hand actually. Due to the almost normalized feeling of chronic, low-level stress, (which is far more depleting on our inner battery than occasional high-strung, short-term stress), cortisol and insulin are constantly being released into our bodies. This of course adds to our body’s stress level which makes digestion, sleep, weight, mood and immunity all that much more challenging.

Our brains are not made to multi-task. It’s much better to slow things down, breathe and taste our food. It’s also a much better way to re-gain our natural appetite and start learning to trust when we are full. This is far different than following a calorie-restricted eating plan given to us by an outside source. What seems far more authentic and realistic to me than reducing calories according to an arbitrary diet plan having little to do with us, is to start to slow down our eating. Even just 20 minutes gives our brains a chance to register that we’ve eaten and, consequently, it will stop sending us hunger signals.


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