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Monday Night Homemade Chicken Soup

  • The HealthShrink 140 West 71st Street #1C New York, NY, 10023 United States (map)

When I grew up, my mother made homemade chicken soup every Monday for dinner. This is a Southern-Italian tradition she adopted from her mother. While the chicken soup was especially appreciated during autumn, winter, and early spring, it didn’t really matter what time of the year it was. Monday evening meant chicken soup! It was something I came to love and looked forward to every week. And, by the way, chicken soup also always made its way as our first course on the Thanksgiving table!

As an adult, making homemade chicken soup is a tradition I love to keep up. While I can’t claim to make it every Monday, Janet and I really enjoy eating it each and every time soup’s on our menu! This is also a fairly easy dish to prepare because as a “one-potted meal’, the items all cook together. So, with the return of autumn, let’s get ready for some ultra-healthy homemade chicken soup filled to the brim with wonderful nutrients and, oh so warming nourishment!

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