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The Art of Slowing Down is a free seminar in which you will learn:

- How to move out of a sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system response while participating in some of the most joyful activities in our lives (eating, breathing and sex), and into a flow state of ease and grace in which you can learn from these delicious activities and experience them fully.

- Simple and practical techniques to relax and have fun while eating, breathing and having sex

- How to lose weight and feel great by bringing more pleasure and sensitivity into your life-the science behind living a stressed out life vs chilling out and living life in the slow lane (with the help of your parasympathetic nervous system).

-How to get more in touch with your heart, mind and body while eating, breathing, and having sex...all aspects of life many of us have been conditioned to fear and often become overwhelmed by.

Part 1: Eating
This discussion will look at the impact of eating while stressed vs. eating while relaxed; the connection and communication between the “brain proper” and the “gut brain”, as well as many other factors influencing non-caloric weight gain and general health challenges.

Part 2: Sex
In this discussion and interactive event, you will learn techniques to slow down and relax while you're having sex. You will discover how to release blockages and tensions in your body and surrender completely to the moment. You will learn powerful breath-work to boost your "happy feeling" chemicals, experience natural orgasmic energy, and fully connect with your body.

Part 3: Breathing
This interactive event which includes slow movements such as Qi Gong and Tibetan five rites yoga as well as pranayamas (breath techniques) for sitting and laying down will leave you feeling elated and recharged for your life. The extremely relaxing series will teach how to slow yourself down when you feel stressed and anxious as well as how to have fun and give yourself energy when you are feeling lethargic and out of it.

If you have any questions, let Susan know.

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