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World Diabetes Day

The theme for this day is managing diabetes and knowing you are not alone. Of course, part of managing this state of dis-ease, is through increasing healthy and nourishing eating, (including reducing sugar and carbs), as well as pleasurable movement, (walking, dancing, biking, yoga, etc.). 
Being pre-diabetic myself, (my paternal grandmother and father both had diabetes), I follow what I preach. I remain mindful of the challenges diabetes can present,
(Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Nerve Damage, Amputations, Blurred Vision, Hypertension, Kidney Disease, Digestive Challenges, etc.), and I stay connected with supportive others. As noted above, I’ve incorporated the exquisite and genuinely pleasurable habits of mindful eating and moving very healthfully!
Moreover, I stay on top of my health status and always try to treat myself with the care and concern I would show to a best friend. You too can make meaningful changes to your life and health! Find support either on-line or locally. Consult your physician. Feel free also to reach out right here to me.
You’ve got this.