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Smoke Scream: My Journey From Nicotine Addiction to Liberation

As a young woman, between the ages of 18-26, I smoked approximately a pack of Marlboro cigarettes a day. At 58 years old now, I thank my lucky stars I was able to stop that awful habit I had for 8 years of my young life! People today tell me it’s hard for them to imagine that I was once a dedicated and hooked smoker. It also seems a bit strange to me now given my love for living a healthy lifestyle.

Let me state my bias upfront and clearly. I despise cigarettes and Big Tobacco. Smoking kills and hurts us! Damn the companies of the tobacco industry which turn us on to smoking through advertisement, and then feed our nicotine addiction. Feed, indeed. Cigarettes are deliberately loaded with as much nicotine as possible by these companies. And, why not? The more we smoke, the more addicted we become, and the more profits they earn and can count on making over the long haul.  Thank you Phillip Morris, R.J. Reynolds, and Lorillard!

I remember very well at the age of 26, (at my mother’s urging and my own ambivalent desires to quit), when I finally decided I needed to stop smoking. I had reached a now-or-never point. Even though I had a very hard time imagining not smoking, I knew I didn’t want to smoke for the rest of my life. And, I felt if I didn’t quit soon, I may never do so.

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