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Overcoming Mindless, Addictive & Emotional Eating

This Month: Overcoming Mindless, Addictive & Emotional Eating
by Susan D'Addario, LCSW, Certified Eating Psychology Coach,
Licensed HeartMath Certified Coach


There are many things in life that can throw us into a positive or negative emotional tizzy. Recently, for example, after witnessing a particularly lengthy and tough campaign battle, Americans voted and received the stunning outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. The result, Donald Trump beating out Hillary Clinton with the Electoral College, left some folks ecstatic and others mortified.

While holding vastly differing views on how the country should be run, and who's the person to do this, the one thing Donald and Hillary supporters have in common recently is mindless eating. Fast foods, packaged foods, snacks, desserts, etc., all high in sugar, fat, and salt, are being swallowed whole. In fact, I continue to see photos of the "bad" foods people are about to eat posted on social media, i.e., goppy desserts, fried food, and more, while referencing something about the election results.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often for so many of us. We use/abuse food to celebrate highs, as well as to drown out our sorrows. It’s incredibly common for us to eat when we’re bored, anxious, sad, thrilled, happy, etc., etc. So, what exactly is going on? Why in the world do we reach for food even when we’re not hungry?

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