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Treasure Chest-Nuts: Oven & Fire-Roasted

I wasn't much of a chestnut eater until last year during a trip to Italy. While there, Janet and I went to the Feast of Chestnuts in the Southern Italian town of Noci. There we were walking the crowded streets with marching bands, street performers singing and dancing, comedy acts entertaining, and lots and lots of chestnuts roasting in the great outdoors!

The smells were too tempting and sure enough we had a bag of warm chestnuts handed to us. We both sampled one each and immediately agreed they were delicious. And, PS, chestnuts go great with a glass of red wine. A real holiday treat indeed!

If you enjoy a moderate amount of carbohydrates, chestnuts are a great alternative to sweet potatoes and the like. They are also fairly high in manganese, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and copper.

On a final note, not all recipes need be complicated to yield satisfying results. Here is such a recipe. You can roast these gems all on their own or with very few and simple add-ons. Chestnuts are in season October through March. And, while some eat their chestnuts raw, due to the nuts' tannic acid content, if you go this route, be prepared for a bitter bite.

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