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Stop The Attack On Women And Fat

Attention all women: Do you feel pressured to be thin? Do you fear that no matter what you do to be a good person, smart, a leader, or sexy that you just won’t be taken seriously unless you’re a size 2? Or, perhaps even worse, that you won’t be considered attractive, healthy or loveable by the masses? Are you feeling hurt, frustrated, and angry at not being accepted as you are?  For who you are inside? If so, you’re not alone.

For decades, there’s been and continues to be a full-fledged assault on women in this country to acquire a Beach Barbie shape whatever it takes, no matter the consequences. Depleting ourselves of precious nutrients through calorie deprivation as well as working out to exhaustion are equally applauded by both men and women. All for the sake of wearing a size 4 or less and to be accepted, irrespective of our genetics and body type. These hurtful thin-is-in messages shown every day, throughout the day by any and all types of media are so rampant and pervasive that they’re now trickling down to very, very young girls. It’s true. Girls 4 years-old and younger in record numbers believe they need to diet. Really? Any wonder why there are so many of us with eating dis-orders? The messages go so far back.

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