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Hello Again - April 2016

So glad to be back with our April Resilience Issue where you can count on more exciting information all with good health, calm, body comfort, and love in mind!

There are 2 big themes going on this month and it was hard to pick just 1 to follow. So, I didn’t. I went with both. But, before getting into that, let me mention something super exciting. I’ve just moved to a new office after a decade long of being where I was. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be changing digs. The new space continues to be in the Upper Westside of Manhattan. I’m now on Columbus Ave at 67th Street very nearby Lincoln Center. It’s a convenient location and the neighborhood is bustling. I’m actually right across the street from WABC so I’ll keep an eye out for hot-off-the-press news stories! At any rate, our feature banner image above is of me signing my new office contract. As my dear friend and website designer/master Rafael DeArce of dRC Online says, “Change is good.” Well, good works for me!


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