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The Big Blue Crumble

(Recipe adapted from Fresh Blueberry Crumble, by Diane Sanfilippo in Practical Paleo)

Summertime and fruit season go hand-in-hand. Well, the Big Blue Crumble is a great way to savor the wonderful blueberry and to recognize that July is National Blueberry Month. With just 1-2 tablespoons of grade-B maple syrup, this dessert is very low in added sweeteners. Plus blueberries, like most berries, are naturally low on the glycemic index. They are great for brain support and are loaded with anti-oxidants. All that, and delicious to boot, and we’ve got a grand slam big blue success!

For extra fun, add in raspberries with the blueberries. When ready to eat, top your masterpiece with a dollop of whipping cream from organic, pasture-raised cows to create a Red, White, and Blue - 4th of July Magic Crumble. This my friends absolutely promises to set off gorgeous fireworks in all of our mouths! I hope you enjoy.