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Healthier Snacking

Truism: It's generally better for our health to eat generally better.

One important concept I support though is, "never say never". Here and there, it's fine to eat your favorite foods no matter what. This includes snacking. Ice cream, potato chips, cake, cookies and so on are all long-time favorites. It's important to enjoy what you eat and to not feel deprived. Deprivation ultimately leads to cravings, binging, regret and frustration.

Having said that, for the more-often-than-not times when you want to snack but still "eat generally better", the options abound! Healthier snacking does involve ahead of time preparation, creativity, insight and openness.

First things first, consider your current snacking habits. What do you eat? Some folks love the creamy, fatty texture and sweetness of ice cream. Others love salt and crunch and derive great pleasure munching on chips, pretzels, etc.  And who could deny the happy moments chocolate and candy bring to children and adults of all ages?