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Smile And Say, "No-Cheese": Why Cheese Is So Darn Addictive And Can Cause Mood Distress

I, for one, absolutely love cheese, and there are many of us cheese lovers out there! So, what exactly is it that has us going back for more and more of this sometimes, "stinky as feet", food?

Let’s Start at the Beginning

While information about lactose, (a form of sugar in dairy), and the many digestive problems it can cause is fairly well known, there is still not much mention regarding casein, (the dairy protein).

First and foremost, human beings are not intended to consume the nursing milk of calves, lambs, or kids. Calves especially grow into 1,200lb cows and their mother’s milk is what helps them get so large and heavy. Imagine what drinking and eating cow dairy with its lactose, casein and other elements can do to your body size?

Moreover, unless you eat cheese made from the milk of healthy free-range, pasture-raised animals, you will be ingesting anti-biotics, growth hormone, (yikes!), stress hormones, and puss! Puss results because the animals are being overly-milked by machines. The harshness and excessive usage of these machines cause the animals' teats to become sore and infected. Consequently, puss frequently mixes in with the milk we eat and drink.

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