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National Drink Wine Day

Now here's a day we all can enjoy, assuming you are 21 or older, of course.

Go down to the wine cellar, or the nearest liquor store, and select a very fine wine. For today is National Drink Wine Day.

We all know that apples were the first fruit, in the garden of Eden. Grapes were most likely there, too. It was probably soon after, that wine was discovered.  This author envisions an early Cave Man, finding some grapes that he had stored in his cave. His kids had accidentally stomped on them some time before, while playing in the cave. Food was scarce back then. Our Cave Man drank the juice lying in a puddle on the shelf, and the rest is history! 

Did You  Know? Wine bottles have been discovered dating back to 325A.D.

Pour a glass of wine and let's toast to National Drink Wine Day!

Important: Please drink responsibly. And, if you do drink, don't drive.