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Sunscreen Day

The risks of using conventional sunscreens can sometimes outweigh their benefits. Many sunscreens contain aluminum which has a role in some if not all Alzheirmer’s Disease, (Professor Chris Exley, Keele University, The Hippocratic Post, Dec 19, 2016), as well as might contribute to oxidative skin damage and increase the risk of cancer! Of even larger concern are the ingredients that block UV rays which are absorbed into the bloodstream and cause systemic toxicity. Yikes!
Another big problem with sunscreens is they allow us to stay in the sun much longer than we should. We get sunburnt for a reason – it’s our body telling us to get out of the sun. Best to use common sense here. Tanning is okay as long as it is done slowly and progressively and we don’t burn in the process. Once you’ve had enough sun, get in the shade and/or cover up with hat and shirt.
For a great and healthy sunscreen recipe, click here.

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