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Book Review: beautiful you, a daily guide to Radical Self-Acceptance by Rosie Molinary

I have a slew of health improvement books at home covering a vast variety of wellness topics and conversations. This is the first that I've chosen to not only reference but to actually review. For the record: I love beautiful you, a daily guide to Radical Self-Acceptance by Rosie Molinary! This is a must have for anyone challenged in any way by their body image.

beautiful you is an easy to read book that offers daily self-esteem suggestions and challenges. Many self-esteem issues can remain hidden and go unrecognized. What's so great about Ms. Molinary’s listings is that they help to focus on areas that can hurt us and need TLC. 

Of course, we all won't relate to every single daily item listed. (She offers 365 daily listings to cover the full year.) I can almost guarantee though that many of the challenges listed will touch the vast majority of readers struggling to believe in their beauty.

With each daily topic, Ms. Molinary proposes we try to see/experience things in a different light by answering self-reflective questions and/or participating in a suggested exercise. Eventually, with genuine attempts to experiment with the topics and their accompanying assignments, one can start to get out of his or her own head and put old, hurtful beliefs into realistic perspectives. The author also guides us to see beyond ourselves. She invites all to become a member of a greater, healthier and larger community in which we reach out and contribute our beauty and gifts to others in need.

Here are just five of Ms. Molinary’s daily guides. The other 360 are marvelous ones as well!