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'Achieving You' To Make Peace With Your Body

Falling into the life lull of tranquility and safety is intoxicating. Throughout human history, and the history of just about everything living and breathing, survival has been key. If we didn’t survive as a species or individually, nothing would quite matter. In our daily lives today, if we are lucky enough to achieve a reliable state of being, then other life thingshopefully will come into play.

These other life things are hard to recognize or even be aware of at times. They matter tremendously though and take a bit of deliberate thought and inner soul search to discover them. Having awareness is quite challenging due to the intoxicating impact of life safety. After all, if we’re safe, why rock the boat?

How do we evolve from a place of safety to a state of exquisite happiness? For starters, we need to identify and pursue our inner dreams and longings which represent our soul selves. What is our mission or purpose? Who are we? How do we want to feel? How do we want to contribute to the world? Are we happy in our current lives?