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Balanced Gut Bacteria = Improved Mood

There are many reasons you can feel down or uncomfortable. Pressures in your daily life can be wearing. Relationships with others, or lack thereof, also provide reasons for stress and sometimes, despair. If you’re “overweight”, you know very well the hostility that lies in the air from so many including shopkeepers, acquaintances, family, doctors, friends, strangers, etc. Their comments and suggestions regarding your body can frequently be insensitive and downright hurtful.

The above scenarios can easily be part of the cause of your hurt feelings, low self-esteem and overall depression. Depressive symptoms by the way aren’t exclusively related to feeling sad. On the contrary, people who are clinically depressed have a wide variety of symptoms. They can include: insomnia, no appetite, fatigue, difficulty with concentration, irritability, low mood, loss of interest in things that were once enjoyable, etc.

Depression can start out slowly and increase quietly. One way to self-medicate depressive symptoms is by eating foods containing carbohydrates – desserts, snacks, junk food and more. Of course, that will help you to feel better momentarily, but, after the binge, you will return to your low state of being and feeling. While it’s very important to seek out your physician’s advice and perhaps consider taking anti-depressants, I’d like to introduce an entirely new concept about what may be greatly influencing your moods

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