Monday Night Homemade Chicken Soup

When I grew up, my mother made homemade chicken soup every Monday for dinner. This is a Southern-Italian tradition she adopted from her mother. While the chicken soup was especially appreciated during autumn, winter, and early spring, it didn’t really matter what time of the year it was. Monday evening meant chicken soup! It was something I came to love and looked forward to every week. And, by the way, chicken soup also always made its way as our first course on the Thanksgiving table!

As an adult, making homemade chicken soup is a tradition I love to keep up. While I can’t claim to make it every Monday, Janet and I really enjoy eating it each and every time soup’s on our menu! This is also a fairly easy dish to prepare because as a “one-potted meal’, the items all cook together. So, with the return of autumn, let’s get ready for some ultra-healthy homemade chicken soup filled to the brim with wonderful nutrients and, oh so warming nourishment!

Monday Night Homemade Chicken Soup
Serves 2-4 people

• 4 Whole chicken legs with skin (The skin is very important for the overall delicious flavor of your soup. If you make the soup with skinless chicken, the flavor will decrease. If you prefer white meat, use the breasts.)
• 10 Carrots, peeled and halved.
• 10 Celery stalks, washed, and cut into approx. 4” sized pieces.
• 1 Onion, skin and ends removed, drop the whole thing in the soup.
• 2-3 Tablespoons of tomato sauce (Adds coloring to your soup).
• Salt to taste added at the end of cooking.

Grated Locatelli Romano cheese.

Preparation and Cooking:
• Rinse off the chicken, (you can also use a whole chicken which will save you money vs. buying parts), and drop in an empty pot. Add enough cool filtered water so the chicken is covered by approx. 1-2” of the water.
• Place the pot of chicken and water on a high flame and bring contents to a boil. Reduce heat slightly so water maintains a softer boil. Within approx. 10-15 minutes, you will see a froth/foam in the pot. Skim this out and discard.  Allow the pot contents to continue on a soft boil another 5 minutes, and look again for additional froth. Skim out the remainder.
• Add in the carrots, celery, and whole onion and turn up the heat to high. (The addition of these ingredients will cool down the water and momentarily interfere with the boil. The high heat will get the boil going again.) Once the water and contents have resumed a boil, reduce heat a bit at a time, so boil becomes softer but does not die out. (You may need to look inside your pot several times to adjust the heat. At a certain point, you will have a consistent, softer boil.)
• Add in tomato sauce, (uncooked, from a jar and organic is preferable.)
• Cook everything together now on a soft/medium boil for an hour.

If you want to eat your soup with a starch, add in rice, broken up spaghetti, or whatever you’re using directly into the soup. Let boil for the desired time needed to cook the starch. (Please note: I use Skinny Shirataki Rice which is gluten and calorie-free and a good source of fiber. As an alternative, you can also add a potato to your soup and cook along with the other veggies.)
Season with salt.

Eating/Slurping Guidelines:
• Round 1: Add the chicken soup along with veggies and starch to a bowl and top with teaspoon of grated cheese. Repeat for however many people are eating. Dig In!
• Round 2: Remove the chicken from the pot and remove the skin using a fork, spoon, or knife. Add the chicken, which you may opt to shred, and additional broth to each bowl. You may want to top with grated cheese.

Last minute tips!
Should you have leftovers, this meal freezes very easily!

Be creative, have fun with this and make it your dish with your special touches! By the way, feel free to experiment and add pieces of beef to this soup for variety, extra flavor and nutrition! That’s it for this month’s, “
Monday Night Homemade Chicken Soup,” recipe’.  Let me know how yours comes out!