Susan's Grilled, In-Season,Summer Veggies

(I chow down heartily and try to make veggies my main course. Therefore, the number of servings depend upon the portion size. No worries though. These grilled or roasted veggies make wonderful leftovers!)

Serves 4+
•2 medium-sized, organic yellow, red, or standard orange-colored carrots. (Shop at a local farmers' market to vary vegetable/fruit colors. More colors equals more nutrient variation).
• 1 small broccoli head.
• 1 small cauliflower head.
• 1/2 red onion
• 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, ( I use Bionaturae Organic EVOO)
To taste:
• Sea Salt, (not white colored and avoid anti-caking additive)
• Crushed black peppercorn
• 1 medium white potato, (Use non-GMO which is anything organic)

Cut all veggies into the same 1 inch size so cooking time is equal for all veggies.
• Peel carrots and remove either end. If the carrots are thick, half or slice the pieces so the carrots are less thick.
• Cut broccoli and cauliflower heads into florets. If you want to leave some of the stem or if you'd like to chop the stems into 1 inch pieces and use, great! If florets are larger than an inch, half or quarter as needed.
• Chop onion into 1/2 inch sized pieces.
• Optional: Chop potato into similarly sizes pieces.
• Rinse all veggies under filtered water and spin dry in a salad spinner or pat dry with a cotton cloth.
• Add vegetables to a  large bowl and add olive oil and sea salt. Toss everything well. (Using your hands to mix the veggies allows you to feel if there is enough oil. You want everything to be lightly coated but not swimming in the oil.)

Cook: (25-30 minutes)
• Turn on and preheat the grill. On an electric grill, I give it a good 10-15 minutes on high.
• Add all the ingredients to a wire basket or a flat metal pan with holes on the bottom and sides. Make sure the vegetables are lying flat and not piled.
• Holding a spatula with an oven glove, move the vegetables around every few minutes so they cook evenly.
• After approximately 25-30 minutes take a sample to see if ready. (Some folks prefer their veggies less cooked than others so use your taste buds to guide the cooking time-frame).

Serve hot in a large bowl. Nutrition and tasty nourishment all in the same bite! Eureka!

PS: We throw a sweet or spicy turkey sausage ring we purchase at the local green market right on the grill as well for 10 minutes a side. What a combination! After cooking, you can cut the sausage also into 1 inch size pieces and add right into the bowl of grilled veggies. Or, we cut individual links more rustically into approximately 3-4 inches long to accompany veggies.