Flour-less Pumpkin Pancakes Qualifier

Hi everyone!

Well, the October 2016 issue of From The HealthShrink was released just a few days ago, and with it, the new pumpkin pancake recipe. Today, I received a distress contact from Jeanne N., a devoted reader of our e-newsletter.  Jeanne was in the middle of preparing a Sunday brunch at her home for guests and decided to add pumpkin pancakes to the menu. Here’s what the S.O.S. call/text was over: Jeanne reported the pumpkin pancake batter seemed too loose or “liquidy”. She was convinced I had left out an ingredient from the recipe.

My answer to Jeanne was, “Nope, all the ingredients are listed appropriately”. But, here’s the catch I made crystal clear to her and would like to now pass on to you.

The batter will be more liquid-like than usual because these are flour-less pancakes. Please don’t let that be a cause for concern and stop you from cooking them up. The 2 most important tricks to making the pancakes are 1) ladle only a small amount of batter per pancake, (should be more or less equal to the size of the top of your fist.) Second, be patient, and allow these pancakes to cook the entire 5 minutes per side on a medium flame. It is the cooking time factor which provides the pancakes their firmness and ability to be flipped. When ready, use a thin, steel, preferably non-slotted spatula, and gingerly, but confidently, loosen the bottoms of the pancakes and flip. You’ve got this!

When I indicated a 10-minute total cooking time on the original recipe, I meant it. Don’t worry at all that the pancakes will be dry. They won’t. In fact, I’m extremely confident you’ll find them to be extremely tasty and deliciously moist.

I checked back with Jeanne after about 15 minutes of our communications to see how things were going. She playfully responded, “Leave me alone!! I am eating!!,” followed with several smiling, kissing emoticons and an attached photo of her pancakes. She suggested strongly that I write a qualifier for this recipe so no one else would have the questions/concerns she did. I appreciate your input Jeanne. Thanks!

Everyone, here’s your qualifier. Cheers!