Susan's Luscious Cacao Fat Bombs

 (Recipe adapted from Yuri Elkaim)

This dessert is full of healthy fat that promises to nourish our brains and every cell in our body! It’s tasty, easy to make, and requires no baking. The original recipe included 8 dates which was far too sweet for me. I’ve made these wonderful bombs using just 2 dates to offset the bitterness of the cacao. I’m aware my taste buds at this point are less sugar-seeking than most. If you find 2 dates aren’t sufficient, add more 1 at a time.


•             Eating fat does not equal gaining fat on our body as long as the fat is healthy.

•             Our taste buds have been hijacked by the food corporation which adds sugar, and lots of it, to everything we eat and drink. They’ve made us into major sugar cravers.

•             Taste buds replace themselves every 7 days. If we cut back on sugar a bit each week, we can absolutely retrain our taste buds to prefer less sweetness. This would indeed help with sugar cravings and in our overall good health.

•             While eating healthy fat is healthy, adding sugar to that fat renders it unhealthy. This sweet fat is not in our body’s best interest. (Please refer to our Feature Article Stop the Attack on Us and Fat for more information.)


(Makes 10-12 golf ball sized bombs)

•          ½ cup of raw almond butter

•          ½ cup of hemp heart seeds

•          1 ½ cup unsweetened coconut flakes (I get mine from Tropical Traditions)

•          2 dates

•          1 teaspoon vanilla (I use VanillaMax by Bulletproof)

•          ¼ cup cacao nibs (I use Navitas for both nibs and powder)

•          ¼ cup of cacao powder and/or cinnamon powder for dusting

•          Pinch of pink himalayan salt (I use Frontier)


•          Once ingredients are blended, fold crushed walnuts and/or extra cacao nibs by hand into the dough-like mixture for crunch.  

Let’s create!

In a blender:

•          Blend almond butter, hemp seeds, coconut flakes, dates, cacao nibs, vanilla, and salt until the dough becomes thick. (You may also add a pinch of cinnamon before pulsing for added flavor.)

•          With a teaspoon or melon scooper, take some dough and round into golf ball sized bombs.

•          Dust all the bombs with cacao powder and/or cinnamon.

•          Refrigerate for 2 hours, then enjoy.

Please note: These bombs will last in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks. You may also throw them in your freezer for easy storage.