Super Joe

Following my last 2 recipes, (The Big Blue Crumble and Bacon & Egg Cup Embrace), I wanted to now share the incredibly luscious, healthy, and energetic Super Joe, aka, SJ. Originally created by biohacker, Dave Asprey, as the "Bulletproof Coffee," my SJ interpretation will sweep you off your feet. 

Do you enjoy cappuccino? If so, prepare to be a very, very happy camper. The Super Joe is now my absolutely favorite way to enjoy coffee. I have a feeling once you try it, you'll agree.

There are very few ingredients in the Super Joe. However few or many, I always try to use the best quality ingredients. The beautiful SJ is no exception. It provides ketone-fueled energy and quick mental clarity from clean fat (8-MCT oil & grass-fed, unsalted butter), instead of sugar. 8-MCT oil, by the way, is distilled from coconut oil and takes only the best of the best from the coconut, i.e. caprylic 8-chain fatty acid. 

Think adding oil and butter to your coffee sounds bizarre? I did. I remember watching a travel program on TV many years ago. The host of the program went to northern Italy and was visiting a woman who owned and worked a dairy farm. This lady made fresh cheese and butter all the time. At the end of the farm tour, she offered the interviewer a cup of espresso coffee with her butter added right in. While the host oohed and aahed with delight, I was quite skeptical and turned off. Now instead, I find myself oohing and aahing. Honestly!

Before You begin...

Note: In the beginning when making your Super Joe, start out slowly and use less oil/butter than what I indicate below.  Then build up to the fat levels of both the butter and 8-MCT oil as indicated below. So, for your first 3 times or so, instead of 1 tablespoon of either fat, make it 1 teaspoon of either and go up from there. This will help to avoid any potential, initial gastric distress. Please don’t let this note scare you off though. The taste and health value of the Super Joe is absolutely worth giving your body a little bit of time to adjust.


(Serving size - One 8 oz. cup)

 •8 oz. of filtered water

 •1-2 scoops of coffee - I always use organic and try to buy single origin, typically from South America. I'm currently using Jim's Organic Coffee, Columbian Santa Marta Montesierra. Very smooth indeed.

 •1 Tablespoon of Grass-fed, Unsalted Butter - Kerrygold is a reliable brand butter easy to find in your local supermarket. I also buy my butter fresh from a local farmer at my neighborhood farmer's market. It's a beautiful golden color compared to the paleness of conventional butter. Grass-fed butter also has far healthier fats than conventional. 

 •1 Tablespoon of 8-MCT Oil - I've used Bulletproof Brain Octane brand as well as Mickey T Eight. Both oils rocks! Liquid at room temperature, flavorless, and big time ketone-fueling, this is the easiest fat for our bodies to burn. It feeds our brains, (which consist of 60% fat), and is less likely to get stored as fat in our bodies. 


•1-2 pinches of cinnamon - I add a small amount of cinnamon right into the coffee grinds before brewing. It adds a pleasant flavor, plus cinnamon works to keeps our insulin levels stable. That of course means, between the cinnamon and both fats - neither of which raise insulin, the SJ helps maintain blood sugar balance. Since insulin is the fat storage hormone and we are not increasing its release, you need not fear body fat gain from the coffee. On the contrary, it can actually help to reduce body fat. Yay!


  1. Make your coffee.
  2. Add the coffee, grass-fed butter, and 8-MCT oil into a blender.  Blend for approximately 25 seconds.
  3. Pour the SJ into your favorite coffee mug.

(Converting your regular Joe to a Super Joe takes approximately 1 minute.)

Your Super Joe will be frothy like a cappuccino, and taste really delicious. In fact, it will taste so good that you most likely won’t even miss not adding sugar. Instead, sit back, sip, smile, and revel in the boost of energy and mental focus.

I hope you enjoy your Super Joe. Let me know your experience below. Also, if you like this recipe, please feel free to share it with your friends and family. Cheers!