Frozen Lemon Slush-a-licious

I was thinking about sharing a lovely seafood stew – cioppino – with cauli-rice recipe, but the heat and HUMIDITY steared me in a very different direction. (I'll get to this one another time!)

It’s summer, I’m hot and definitely looking to cool down. Behold my friends, it's Frozen Lemon Slush-a-licious time . This is an all-natural, zero preservative treat that brings with it a bit of nostalgia. How many of you as children enjoyed Italian lemon-flavored ice? I know I did.

Our Frozen Lemon Slush-a-licious is the real deal. Real lemons vs. artificially lemon-flavored and only the best of ingredients. When you’re in the mood for something thoroughly refreshing and ice cool, you need look no further.

Besides being delicious and refreshing, this treat is full of Vitamin C thanks to our lemon friends. Eating lemons may also help lower the risk of heart disease, cancer and kidney stones. With filtered water and organic coconut palm sugar, (which is far less glycemic than regular cane sugar), it’s really hard to go wrong!

Give this recipe a shot and then dig in! You absolutely won't be sorry.

Ingredients – Servings 6

• 11/3 cups of filter water

• Juice from 6 organic lemons – (This will come close to 1 cup.)

• Zest of 1 lemon

• 1/2 cup of granulated organic coconut palm sugar – (I use unrefined Sweet Tree brand.)

Preparation – 20 minutes

1 Place a small-to-medium sized roasting pan flat in the freezer.

2 Rinse and pat dry the exterior of lemons.

3 One-by-one, roll each lemon back and forth under the heel of your hand, applying pressure with your other hand on top. (This will help loosen the juice inside the lemons.)

4 Cut each lemon in half. Before squeezing the juice into a bowl, discard any obvious pits from the lemon tops. Squeeze the lemon with the exposed fruit facing upwards. (This also helps prevent the seeds from going into your preserved lemon juice.) Should any pits enter, simply remove with a spoon.

5 Remove the rind of one lemon. (Careful not to grab the white pith just beneath the skin, as it is bitter.) Cut the removed rind into very small pieces.

6 Just before squeezing this final lemon, add the water to a small pot and turn up the flame. Pour in the sugar and heat the water to an almost boil. Stir the coconut sugar in the heating water. Let the sugar dissolve.

7 Finish removing the juice from the final lemon. Once done, check carefully to remove any pits.

8 Add the lemon juice to the heated sugar solution once all the sugar has dissolved. Stir together.

9 Remove the chilled pan from the freezer. Carefully add the sweetened lemon juice solution. Return the pan to the freezer.

10 Stir the contents of pan every 30 minutes for 3 hours. The first forms of ice will appear within an hour.  

Once congealed, your Frozen Lemon Slush-a-licious is ready to eat. Dish out and serve in individually chilled cups. The color of your lemon treat will be darker than traditional lemon ice. This is due to using coconut sugar, (which is not white and therefore not stripped of its nutrients.) Adding organic berries to your treat for extra flavor, color, vitamins and love works beautifully!

Please note, if you prefer your lemon ice with a more slushy consistency, let it sit for several minutes before consuming.

Finally,  I'm certain more than one of you are thinking about making this dessert a bit more adult-rated. Feel free to add a shot of vodka to your lemon ice treat and luxuriate the whole way through!



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