Food Vendors

While you may be accustomed to doing your food shopping in your local super market, there are plenty of other options out there. If you'd like to improved the quality of your food so your produce is organic and/or local and your land/sea animals are pasture-raised, grass-fed, free-range and/or wild, then take a gander at the list below.

I just love shopping at my local green market. I speak in-person with the vendors and ask any and all questions that come to mind. More often than not, I like to know how and where the animal lived, as well as what they ate. I enjoy clean meats, local fish, and fresh, seasonal produce. It's all a wonderful treat and so supportive of the body and its needs!   

  • Local Harvest – maintains a public nationwide directory of small farms, farmers markets, and other local food sources in the US.
  • NYC Green Markets – Find your local farmer’s market on-line and go in-person and talk directly to the farmers/ranchers/fishermen for clean, fresh and local produce and protein options.
  • Pete’s Paleo - Ships delicious organic, grass-fed, pasture-raised pre-made meals nationwide.
  • Tropical Traditons - is a source for fresh pressed virgin coconut oil and other coconut products.
  • U.S. Wellness Meats – Offers a huge variety of grass-fed and pasture-raised meats.
  • Vital Choice – Find fantastic, Alaskan wild seafood and more.