Once Upon a Time – The Weight Loss Myth

“What should I eat? I want to lose weight! I can’t keep the weight off! I’ve tried so many times before!”

“What should I eat? I want to lose weight! I can’t keep the weight off! I’ve tried so many times before!” Does this sound familiar? And, are you feeling exasperated? I know I have.

It’s been decades where, “Eat less and exercise more” has been the go to motto to achieving weight loss success. We diligently engage in calorie deficient diets and/or over-exercise. We dedicate ourselves to
the latest fad diet and fitness programs that offer so many promises of weight loss, renewed youth, health and happiness. We literally “buy in” and spend large amounts of our time, money and energy to feel and look better.

And, we may actually achieve the weight loss we’ve wanted. “This is great!  I’m thrilled! I’ll never put that weight back on again!”  It’s a wonderful achievement and feeling, but at what cost? While we’re frequently motivated in the beginning of our gallant weight loss efforts, within not such a long time, the same old story unfolds.  It could be that life intervenes with work, family, or relationship issues; we get distracted and our focus and drive decline. It could also be that even without stressful life situations intervening, our efforts to lose weight will decline nonetheless due to sheer exhaustion of trying to be perfect and functioning primarily on adrenaline and endorphins.

When we re-gain the weight, we’ve been made to believe it’s our fault. We blame ourselves and our previously elevated state of success nosedives deeply.  “I’m such a weakling!  I have no willpower! I’m so disappointed. I feel hopeless!” I have news for you.  It’s not your fault and it never has been. It’s time to end the myth that if you don’t maintain your weight loss that you’re to blame.  

First things first.  You’re not the only person who goes through the ups and downs of trying to lose weight.  Multiple studies show that between 92-98% of people will re-gain the weight they’ve lost within 1-5 years. You’re not alone and while there certainly is something that’s not working right in the weight loss industry, you are not the problem nor are you a failure! Something else is terribly amiss.

Losing weight shouldn’t be about engaging in the battle of the bulge.  It also shouldn’t require that you greatly reduce your calorie intake and increase your exercise regimen to exhaustion. There is too much of a demand in this scenario for you to have to extend yourself in unnatural directions for the remainder of your life. It’s nearly impossible to keep up. If we look directly at what we’ve been told about what it takes to lose weight, and not get distracted by all the hype, I think we’ll come to the conclusion that the weight loss formula – eat less, exercise more - has been destined to fail. And it has failed. Not you.

In part two of this article, I’ll reveal a different, more natural way to being yourself while losing weight. Stay tuned.