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Deceptively simple looking and super easy to navigate, the Heirloom images below contain priceless information on our relationship with food and eating.

In Healthful Articles, Nourishing Tips, and our Relax, Rewire, Reshape blog, you will have a chance to read articles focusing on: pleasurable body movement vs. forced work-outs, and healing techniques for body re-shaping, body image challenges, and loving and trusting ourselves as we are!

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Click on this page and it opens up to a plethora of information on all the hot and healthy topics of eating, food, self-love and growth, etc. Whether you prefer reading, fiddling with Apps, checking things out on-line or watching videos, we're happy to provide a variety of perspectives out there as offered by the multitude of experts we list.


If you're looking for something simple, healthy, and tasty to make/cook/eat, then Family Recipes is the section for you. Many of the recipes are in fact foods I ate while growing up. I've of course added a contemporary, more healthful spin to all the dishes. Buon appetite!


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