Good Vibrations!

I've been looking on and off at whole body vibration (WBV) machines for a good 1+ year. I find them intriguing with regard to their alleged varying health benefits through gravity resistance training (GRT). They even seem kind of fun! Depending upon the actual WBV machine, I've read and heard one can achieve improved balance, bone density, hormonal profile, as well as increased muscle strength, circulation, and flexibility. As if that weren't enough, just 10-20 minutes sessions, 4 or so days weekly provide cellulite reduction, lower back pain relief, joint protection, reduced swelling, neurological stimulation, fat reduction, and more! Wow! All this from rapid GRT vibration. Could it be?

I've been struggling with different body injuries for years. Most recently, in the past year, I've had ongoing issues with both my left Achilles' tendon and the front and back left rotator cuff(s). And I've diligently attended to these body aches using a variety of modalities of care. Chiropracter, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, prolotherapy, and most recently, Body Talk treatment. I roll out my muscles frequently, (Rumble Roller, Bakballs, the Stick, etc.), and carefully stretch. I'm starting to notice some improvement but there is more to heal. Since these injuries have greatly hampered my sporting lifestyle of running, volleyball, tennis, biking, etc., I'm always aware of and on the lookout for potential, new treatment options.

No surprise then that I re-continued my online search for WBV machines. Autumn volleyball season is just around the corner. And, well my birthday is coming up too! Hmmmm. It appeared I had plenty of reasons to take the leap. Moreover, if a WBV machine develops muscle strength it seemed to me it could have potential for rehab purposes as well. And, to be honest, since not moving and playing nearly as much as I had been in this past 1+ year, my clothing has gotten rather snug. To cut to the chase, I've just purchased the Hypevibe G10 mini the other evening. I'm not endorsing this specific WBV machine. It's just what I've decided to go with given its reported intensity level and relatively small size. 

Now for the fun part! I'm going to start using my WBV machine and I'll report back to you how things go. I'll let you know what it's like to use the machine and how it feels. I'll also over time provide updates regarding any increase or not I notice regarding muscle strength and tone. I'll keep you in the loop regarding clothing tightness, and injury repair. Of course, we can all argue that since I'm involved in several different healing strategies, it will be impossible to know exactly which modality impacted what degree of change to my shoulder/Achilles. I grant you that. But, most of what I do and have been doing addresses rehab to those specific body areas. Overall muscle tone and fat reduction have actually been left hanging given the injuries. 

So, I'm throwing caution to the wind folks. I'm here to have fun and to see if this new type of movement under the influence of heightened G-force, helps my body in any way. Can I achieve health and tone while injured by assuming a variety of postures on my WBV? If that's the case, then what might actually result when my body is healed? I'm excited to find out and to let you know! My experiment may not be scientifically iron-clad, but I'm not going to let that stand in the way. I'm all about healing, inside and out, and helping others to do the same. On behalf of all of us then fingers crossed for some good vibrational results! 

As always, feel free to share your thoughts and comments. I'd be particularly interested to hear about anyone else's experiences with WBV! Thanks and cheers!