This Month: August is…National Water Quality Month

Water is one of the most valuable resources we have on planet Earth. Without it we could not survive for more than a week or so. At least 60% of our body is made of it and every living cell we have needs it to keep functioning. Water acts as a lubricant for our joints, regulates our body temperature through sweating and respiration, and helps to flush waste.

Water also quenches our thirst, bathes our body, puts out fires, is invaluable in cooking and cleaning, and provides a home for sea life. It offers us playtime opportunities in the pool, at the beach, lake, or what have you. Swimming, boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, surf boarding, etc., water delivers. In colder temperatures, water freezes and allows us to enjoy a variety of winter activities including: building snowmen, skiing, snowmobiling, and much more.

In short, water is indispensable. The problem is much of it is polluted. There are also severe water shortages throughout many parts of the world. Consequently, it’s super important for us to make an effort to keep our water sources as clean as possible. Consider for example:

•using non-toxic house-hold products

•not dumping things other than water down storm drains

•not flushing medication down the toilet or sink

•not letting water run for long periods of time – (I frequently turn on the shower and let a minute or so pass before even stepping in. What a waste of our precious resource!)

Moreover, did you know that the water source, as well as the type of drinking vessel we use can absolutely influence our body size for the larger? It’s very true. I personally try to stay away from plastic water bottles and instead fill-up reusable, portable canisters whenever possible. My all-time favorite brand is the Hydro Flask®. Love it! I also like Kleen Kanteen. They both come in a variety of sizes and colors. To read more about this important topic, please check out this terrific article, “Are water bottles making you gain weight?” by Cat Ebeling, RN & BSN, and Mike Geary, CNS.

So my friends, I propose we all try to become more mindful and appreciative of the water around us. It would be great if we could start out together right here and now and resolve to make some small, but important habit changes in our lives with regard to honoring and safeguarding this precious H2O commodity. Alternatively, feel free throughout the month of August to post #WaterQualityMonth on all of your social media messages, thereby encouraging others to do the same.

Cheers and wishing you the happiest of maritime delights throughout this special month and beyond!


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