Community support for your individual growth.


An important component of The HealthShrink Program is to provide information to foster awareness, empowerment, personal health, and growth. New books, videos, websites, blogs, podcasts, symposiums, magazines, and more on a variety of weight and other health topics, are released all the time. 

As just 1 example, I recently attended the absolutely terrific, on-line Fat Summit put together by Mark Hyman, MD. Listening to Dr. Hyman interview 30 experts in their various fields of health and their understandings with regard to healthy fat consumption and its impact on our bodies, was both thrilling and informative. It was also absolutely free at the time of airing.

I will do my best to keep you abreast of other free health summits coming up. Also, the following is a small sample of what I read, follow and enjoy. Depending upon your needs and interests, many of these resources may be of value.  

Feel free to also share resources you have found valuable right here. Thank you!