Plain and simple: Knowing what we weigh without corresponding information and analysis has potential to shake us up and not for the better!


Beware Weight Loss Coaching

The majority of traditional scales indicate how much we weigh. While so many of us hone in on our weight as the “be all and end all”, the simple truth is that reading the number on the scale can be very misleading and one dimensional. It’s true and here’s why. At the time we weigh ourselves, there is no correlating information given which takes into account what exactly constitutes our overall body weight. Therefore, weight loss coaching is overly specific and narrow.

Generally speaking, there’s an assumption made that when we go up in weight, it’s bad news, and when we go down, that’s good. The flaw in this logic though is we don’t know what is actually increasing or decreasing our weight.

In other words, we’ve gained weight, but have we really put on fat? Could we have gained muscle tone instead? Or maybe we’re simply a bit more bloated with water retention? Depending upon the answer to these questions, our outlook on whether or not we have something to fret about would significantly change. So, what’s missing here? In order to know the real deal about our weight, we need an analysis of our body composition balance.

Behold Wellness Coaching  

Welcome to a whole new way of doing things! The In-Body Analyzer is a leading analyzer of body composition balance and is recognized for precision. It is a wonderful tool in supporting overall wellness coaching. It's utilized in hospitals, universities, and health institutions. And now, it’s also available to you through The HealthShrink.

body composition & why it matters

Subject:             Jane
Goal:                 To lose 25 lbs.
Last weighed:    165 lbs.

Strategy to Lose Weight
For the past several weeks, Jane has been eating healthier, going to the gym, reducing her stress levels, and getting more sleep.

Jane's In-Body Analyzer Results

New Weight:          165 lbs. (No Change)
Body Fat:               - 2 lbs.
Lean Mass:            + 2 lbs.
Body Fat %:           - 3%

Jane's Outlook

Thanks to the In-Body Analyzer, despite weighing the same, Jane is extremely pleased and hopeful. Jane knows she is on the right track for good health and body comfort and she will continue her strategy while utilizing self-care and love.

Had Jane gotten her no change weight results from a standard scale, she very well may have become disappointed and discontinued her new healthy life habits.

The HealthShrink & the In-Body Analyzer


Should you choose to include the In-Body Analyzer in our work together, you will have a great opportunity to know the real deal about you, your body weight, and what exactly is going on. While using the In-Body Analyzer is absolutely not mandatory to receive your overall benefits in The HealthShrink program, it can lead to a more accurate understanding of how on track you are. If you enjoy precision, consider using the In-Body Analyzer.

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