Premium Empowerment Group

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Premium Empowerment Group

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Empowerment Group
1 Meeting
120 min

The Premium Empowerment Group meeting lasts for 120 minutes and includes everything the Classic Empowerment Group meeting offers, plus each member receives an updated reading of his or her individual body composition balance using the In-Body Analyzer. If you favor precision, the Premium Empowerment Group meeting may be for you.

These groups meet in-person for a total of 8 sessions, and accommodate up to 8 members. The groups are private, meaning that only members who have signed up and been accepted into the group will be allowed to participate. The groups are supportive and insight-oriented and focus on the issues and challenges group members have on a specific topic. Some typical topics or themes include, but are not limited to: Weight Issues, Body Image Challenges, Re-energizing your Body, Re-gaining Restful Sleep, and Healing Digestion.



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