Weight Loss


Most processed foods created by the food industry can lead to addictive styles of eating.

It’s true! And, this makes it extremely important to get food addiction help! Eating a diet loaded with fast-foods containing sugar, fat and salt can light up our brains in a very similar way as nicotine, cocaine, gambling and more. Sadly for us, the more carbs we eat, the more we want. This kind of eating has nothing to do with real nutrition nor our health needs. It’s also not about feeding our hungry bellies. Instead, it’s about trying to satiate uncontrollable cravings.

In addition to any emotional challenges with eating we may face, getting caught up in addiction patterns with certain foods makes it even more difficult to have long lasting weight loss results. Sheer willpower is not enough to handle these dynamic forces especially as time goes on. Lose weight today only to gain it all back and more later on. Sound familiar?

It may seem unlikely that there’s actually a professional and compassionate place for food addiction help. But, there is. And, it’s here at The HealthShrink program. I understand about emotional and compulsive styles of eating not only because I’m a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, but because I’ve lived it. I get that certain foods are extremely addictive and impact our brains in ways that have us consuming much more food than we ever intended.

While participating in our Program, you can expect:

  • Expert coaching

  • Supportive insight

  • Enhanced awareness

  • Cutting edge information

  • A customized approach

All of the above is geared toward improving your relationship with yourself, food and eating.  Most importantly, our coaching sessions are designed to inspire you to overcome addictive eating and to gain the health, body and weight loss you deserve.

Contact us today for more information and to get started with these overall satisfying lifestyle changes to lose weight.